Andrew Mohl

“I’ve had stakeholders wanting my blood and later applauding the results. You can’t buy that experience. I want to give that experience back as a coach and help others who are going on similar journeys.”

When he was managing director and chief executive officer of AMP, the iconic financial services company went through an intense and lengthy period of crisis. Andrew made the tough decisions needed to turn it around, stabilized the company and set it up for strong, profitable growth.

“You learn a lot more from the tough times than you’ll ever learn when you’re in cruise control,” he says. “You learn about yourself, your values, beliefs and capacities.” Andrew groomed his successor and handed over to him when he was judged by the Board to be ready to take on the role. Now Andrew values coaching as the perfect means of sharing his experiences.

But getting a coach isn’t for everyone, cautions Andrew.

“To benefit from coaching, you have to truly know you want to improve. You’ve got to believe you can benefit from the wisdom and experience of another person.”

For Andrew, the key to success is the ability to know when you are not progressing and to have the courage to make real change.

“Humility is essential. Without it, people can easily lose their perspective and listen to what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear.”

“You also need a goal, a cause to strive for. Otherwise, how can you truly achieve your full potential?”

Andrew admits his own drive for success “borders on perfectionism”, which he has had to manage to prevent it becoming obsessive. But that spark and energy have to be there for success to be possible. “It helps me focus and strive for better and better outcomes,” he says.

Andrew is married to Marilu and they have four children and two dogs. He enjoys playing tennis and golf.