Jo Wigley

“Coaching is a highly personalised development process that focuses on the specific needs of our Clients at a critical stage in their careers.”

Jo Wigley’s qualifications could not be more suited to the task of leading Sponsor Support for FGC in Victoria and in contributing to the continuing development and enhancement of FGC’s services. An education and assessment consultant, Jo has years of experience managing education and training businesses and designing personnel assessment centres. She is a member of both the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Organisational Psychologists. She also holds masters degrees in marketing and educational psychology, and a graduate diploma in vocational counselling.

In her Sponsor Support role, Jo’s background and experience give her the ability to understand the expectations of the sponsoring organisation and to see the nexus between a Client’s capabilities and the opportunities available to the Client now and in their future career. Understanding this nexus is one of the critical elements in Jo’s role, as it helps her to select which FGC Coach has the right experience, knowledge and personality fit to fulfil both the Client’s and the organisation’s expectations from the coaching process.  

Jo works with the Coaches and their Clients providing both quality control and support. Jo also provides feedback to the Client’s organisation, taking regular briefs and working with the sponsors to ensure that the coaching maintains its relevance throughout the coaching assignment, even in changing and volatile environments. 

One of the key benefits of FGC coaching is this reality check maintained by Sponsor Support through regular engagement with the sponsors within the Client’s organisation, ensuring that FGC Clients meet the organisation’s expectations.

Jo has held executive positions with CPA Australia, the Securities Institute, and the Australian Institute of Management and served on a number of committees and working groups including the Victorian State Government Finance Industry Consultative Committee.

With two children “at university wrestling with their career choices”, Jo is motivated by working with clients on their career aspirations and sponsors on their expectations from the coaching process.