Meredith Irish

 "Coaching can be the key to success for both the sponsoring organisation and the client. "

Meredith Irish is a marketing and media specialist. Co-head of Sponsor Support for FGC in Brisbane and developing FGC’s services throughout Queensland. 

Meredith’s experience in public relations and reputation management has equipped her with an understanding of the complexities of corporate life for senior executives.  

“I am committed to finding the coach who is the right match to meet the Client’s needs. “I believe coaching can achieve results for both our Client and the sponsoring organisation” says Meredith

FGC is distinguished by its strong emphasis on the relationship with the sponsoring organisation. In addition to finding the coach who has the right experience, knowledge and personality for the Client, Meredith monitors that relationship and works with sponsoring organisations to ensure that the organisation achieves its goals from FGC coaching. Meredith gives the sponsoring organisation feedback and takes regular briefs from them to ensure the coaching adapts to the sponsor’s changing circumstances.

Previously, Meredith has worked across state and local government in legal affairs, media strategy and politics. Her experience in communications, media advice, and issue management gives her the ability to understand and build the relationship between the sponsoring organisation, the client and the coach.