Director Coaching International

1. Who we are…

Three organisations with a footprint covering Europe, Americas, South Africa, North and South Asia.

Credibility, reputation and experience coaching Directors, Presidents in major international publicly listed organisations since 1993 in Europe, 1997 in Australia, 2000 in America and 2005 in Asia.

Profiles –

Peter Hogarth (London)

Dr Roland Burgman (New York)

Dr Denise Fleming (Sydney)

2. What we do…

Our coaches are experienced CEOs, trained to work with Directors and Presidents by maximising the leverage they have in their organisations; by empowering then learning motivation and creativity, flexibility and resilience; stretching their strategic capabilities; building their communication strengths and reducing their stress levels.

Working with organisations in transition, contextualise the experience and guide executives to new cultures.

We enhance the organisation’s competitiveness and engagement with its markets and customers by …

  • Increased Retention
  • Improved Morale
  • Rejuvenating and Refreshing
  • Enhancing Re-directions

Our coaching is…

  • One-to-one
  • External
  • Built on trust
  • Uses unique methodology and approach – which engenders high level of trust