Business Coaching

Business Coaching has developed as an alternative to domestic and international live-in management development programs, as a tool to support succession planning and for the retention of high-potential people.

One-to-one coaching facilitates focused support and development for individuals and is an invaluable resource for the continuing development of the firm's most senior people and high potential emerging leaders.

Business Coaching has emerged as a development option as organisations have intensified their demands on the human resource team to provide the solutions to a range of problems.

Solutions are needed for retention of key staff in increasingly competitive environments; the reinvention of senior managers skill sets to match the changeable needs of the organisation; the refinement of development programs to focus on specific requirements, efficiently, and the need to develop senior managers conceptual and innovative strengths to support strategic leadership demands.

External generic training programs had failed to meet the needs of senior executives and high potentials.

During the last 10 years the emergence of one-to-one Business Coaching has grown from a trickle to a flood as assessment centres and 360° feedback programs defined the individual's specific needs.

Business Coaching services are now provided across the full spectrum of personal and business needs. Coaches are available to support behavioural change, develop personal communication, technical, strategic, professional and life skills.

Service providers also range across the spectrum with human resource professionals playing a major role in delivering coaching services. The time span of the assignment and the fee base for the assignment varies in accordance with the solution required, experience and knowledge, nature of the coach, the skill being transferred and the time involved.

The Foresight's Global Coaching methodology of Executive Coaching by Business Leaders grew out of the framework developed in the UK early in 1994 .