Catherine Brenner 

“Those who persist, grasp new opportunities and learn from the good and bad decisions are the ones who succeed.”

Catherine Brenner is a decisive and analytic thinker with a strong background in finance. But it’s her intuition and highly developed emotional intelligence that make her an ideal coach.

 “EQ and intuition are essential for coaches,” says Catherine. Good coaching can often be about what a client doesn’t say as much as what they say. Understanding the motivations and desires of the client at an emotional level is often a key factor in determining a plan of action.  

Most recently Catherine was Managing Director of the global equity capital markets firm ABN AMRO Rothschild, ranked in the top three in Australia and New Zealand in equity related offerings. She has wide experience in project management with multi-discipline teams, tight timeframes and multiple stakeholders. As head of ABN AMRO's mergers and acquisitions team, she oversaw more than $250 billion of corporate restructurings, takeovers, capital raisings, capital structuring, privatisations, and divestments and acquisitions.  

Catherine now serves on the Takeovers Panel, the government’s peer review body that resolves takeover bid disputes, and brings her legal and financial skills to the Boards of a number of leading public companies and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra. 

Catherine’s experience in client-focussed industries in constantly changing markets honed the listening and questioning skills that serve her as a coach. It also helped her develop flexibility and the ability to recognise and seize opportunities when they arise. 

“Recognising that there are numerous ways to approach something is the first step to making yourself open enough to accept new opportunities,” she says. “A good coach can help you recognise the opportunities that are already there and seek out the ones that aren’t.” 

A strong believer in balance between personal and professional lives, Catherine is married and the mother of “two gorgeous girls”.