Greg Hayward

"Coaching executives in complex environments requires a highly developed understanding of the critical role of communication and a strong awareness of how people react to uncertainty."

Now responsible for the company’s activities in Western Australia, Greg Hayward joined Foresight's Global Coaching in the early days of its establishment. He has played a critical role in the development of the fine reputation of the firm and contributed to the establishment and implementation of FGC’s quality control practices. The continuous evaluation of FGC’s coaching processes underpins our success. Greg partners our sponsors to ensure that FGC clearly understands not only the challenges facing our clients but also the challenges facing the firms in which they work.

Greg brings to his leadership role in Foresight's Global Coaching extensive experience gained through his successful business career providing marketing leadership in international markets for global companies. His knowledge of corporations and of markets has enabled him to contribute to the clarification of the challenges that FGC coaches need to address and to select the FGC coach best suited to work with each client.

Greg is also an experienced coach bringing his analytical strengths, marketing flair and persuasive communication abilities to his coaching assignments. He understands the complex political environment which is frequently a feature of many large corporations and is insightful in helping his clients to understand their own corporate environment and that of their clients.

Interests outside of business include music, fishing and ancient history.