Ron Berenholtz

‘’There is nothing more powerful or rewarding in a coaching relationship than working together to find more effective ways of understanding and dealing with the many challenges that we face at work and within our own lives.  Often it is simply about giving ourselves permission to try something new, perhaps even something that requires us to see things differently and to challenge our assumptions.’’

Ron has spent over thirty years leading the Organisation and People activities of some of the country’s largest organisations.  These organisations have been in the public, private and more recently government sectors and include Telstra, Pasminco, the Smorgon Group and Elders IXL.

He has experienced a diverse range of businesses including telecommunications, information technology, financial services, transport and logistics, resources, steel manufacture and distribution, agricultural processing and brewing.  His work has always been undertaken on a national and sometimes international basis with responsibilities that have included large parts of Asia and the United States. 

His interest has always been people and the organisations in which we work.  More specifically, his focus has been working with both individuals and groups to help them deliver their performance objectives and to ensure that they work effectively and collegiately with each other.   

Given his background he has worked both as an Executive Director within senior leadership teams and more recently as an advisor to individuals and teams.  He is often asked to partner with business to effect substantial change, to work with business leaders to create effective teams and a positive business climate.  He is routinely involved in the development of future leaders.  Many of these activities have required significant shifts in leadership styles and behaviours. 

He has a broad range of community interests and serves on a number of boards of community organisations that include a museum, a school and a provider of health services. 

Ron is married with two adult sons who constantly challenge and amaze and he continues to enjoy the frustrations of “playing with computers”.