Dr Denise Fleming - Sydney

"The more the environment changes, the more essential it is for people to learn. One-to-one coaching delivered by experienced business leaders is the most effective way senior executives and high potentials can learn the leadership skills needed to succeed in this ever-changing environment."

As founder of the Foresight Management Group in 1987 and its equally successful offshoot, Foresight's Global Coaching (FGC), in 1988, Denise brings to her work a deep dedication and commitment to seeing her clients succeed.

For Denise, coaching is not only about honing strengths and turning opportunities into achievements but helping her clients foreshadow potential risks in their endeavours and developing solutions that cut those risks.

Denise established the coaching practice to help senior executives reinvent themselves, learn new skills and air their feelings and concerns in an arena of ever-intensifying challenges and demands. Her success underlines the importance of the coaching process to modern entrepreneurs.

Author of the pivotal 1988 book "Creating Entrepreneurs" and an international lecturer and guest speaker on mergers and acquisitions, Denise boasts a distinguished academic record and career in general management and board membership across many industry sectors.

Denise's experience in change management and strategy implementation provides an effective sounding board against which her clients are able to assess their preferred solutions. She encourages all her company's clients to link their efforts and strengths to their own corporation's strategies and the market's volatility.

Denise is passionate about her work and committed to ensure all her company's customers enjoy a quality, value-added service that not only exceeds their expectations but reaps higher than expected results. Denise aims to further develop Foresight's Global Coaching as the benchmark coaching firm for all senior executives.